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bear parade is going to have a few new books in the next couple of months.

both of these books will be completely different in content.

one will be subtle and beautiful, i think and hope.

the other will stab your face over and over until you die.

i, gene morgan, one of the editors of bear parade, like both of these possible, unfinished books a lot. a double lot.

if anyone has any ideas to support the rampant buying of books from authors that deserve their books bought and given away for free, please let me know.

i don't have the time to think.

i mostly only have time to act and do, not to think about if i am going to act and do.

submit to bear parade, if you haven't already. we accept 0% of all unsolicited submissions.


Blogger Tyler Young said...

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6:12 PM  
Blogger Gene said...

i delete spam.

8:58 AM  

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