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submissions are closed for the next bear parade book. the next bear parade book is coming soon, and will be the most graphically enhanced yet. five or six colors. graphically enhanced .gif content. colored text. graphically enhanced colored text.

submissions are open for the book after the next bear parade book. there is an electronically advanced submission process, and a unique reply for every submission.

miranda july blurbed tao. she should submit a bear parade book. it's hard to find free writing of hers on the internet, so i have no idea what her writing is like, even though i think i have read something of hers before. i am aware of her video art.

there are currently six submissions in the bear parade inbox. i just read one by ben myers, and i don't know how i'm going to reply yet.

usually, i throw in a curse word when i reply to submissions to let folks know that i am "with it".


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