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I forgot about the Pushcart deal. I have to have it in by the 1st of December.

We need to nominate some stories. Since there are only like three potential books, plus one I am going to release next week, I need to know which stories should be nominated. I think I can nominate six.

I am going to nominate Daniel's whole book as one, since no one outside of bear parade has read it.

Five more.

Tell me in the comments. The three latest books on the site. Read them again. They are all really nice and worth reading again. Pick five stories. I will figure it out using your suggestions. Help us. I need to go to the bathroom now.


Blogger Colin said...

Mazie Louise Montgomery's
'Bear Aesthetics'
'Men Are Bears, Moose are Fine'

Ofelia Hunt's:
'Don't Slide the Couches'
'One Baby Is Like Any Other Baby'

9:40 PM  
Blogger BLAKE BUTLER said...

i want the glass panel tinted
don't slide the couches
by ofelia hunt


in a moose language only she could understand
by maizie louise montgomery

and all of

9:46 PM  

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