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this picture is a preview of the next bear parade book

if you want to make money, bear parade pays money for your work. rick moody amounts of money. so, if you have big balls like rick moody, why not try submitting? we rejected him.

another suggestion, if you don't like bear parade, why not try not submitting to bear parade? bear parade can publish like one book a year, and it will still exist. bear parade spends around thirty dollars a year on publishing, regardless of how many books it publishes.

the next book is SMALL PALE HUMANS by daniel spinks. it will be published in the next month. it is very easy to read and direct. i would say that almost every bear parade book requires a seventh grade reading level, so you can feel comfortable reading any of them. you can feel less isolated. your thoughts can feel less awkward, and the sadness that you, like every person, feel daily can gain some sort of significance in being insignificant.