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bear parade has a new name!

"swanky asian blowjobs and pool party butt sex" is the new browser window name for the internet publishing house, bear parade.

over the course of the past few weeks we tested the name "ass parade", and to the delight of upper management, this generated very high and substantial volume of traffic.

so we decided our name needed to engage a wider audience.

while "ass parade" appeals only to people who enjoy asses and ass parade magazine in general, "swanky asian blowjobs and pool party butt sex" appeals to such a wide and all encompassing cornucopia of webpornsurfers, that it would be impossible for me to list every taste-licious flavor of possible webpornsurfer sexual pornlust.

tao suggested i use "asian cunt" for the new, more hardcorer browser window name, but that seemed inappropriate, so i went with something specific, but not so blatantly derogatory towards the awesomely hot pleasure-hole that is the female vagina. no one should be offended.

swanky asian blowjobs and pool party butt sex are natural things, and should be embraced by the larger community.

the more swanky asian blowjobs and pool party butt sex that exist, the less war. and that's a good thing for people, right? you don't want a bloody global war waged by a global force that doesn't stop killing you and those close to you until your bloodline and friends bloodlines that once numbered in the hundreds of thousands is wiped clean from the sad and horrible face of a pitiless scorched earth, do you? exactly.

visit swanky asian blowjobs and pool party butt sex!


new bear parade books

bear parade is going to have a few new books in the next couple of months.

both of these books will be completely different in content.

one will be subtle and beautiful, i think and hope.

the other will stab your face over and over until you die.

i, gene morgan, one of the editors of bear parade, like both of these possible, unfinished books a lot. a double lot.

if anyone has any ideas to support the rampant buying of books from authors that deserve their books bought and given away for free, please let me know.

i don't have the time to think.

i mostly only have time to act and do, not to think about if i am going to act and do.

submit to bear parade, if you haven't already. we accept 0% of all unsolicited submissions.